Email marketing agency in Qatar 🇶🇦

Let us build your emails and develop your campaign plan based on data – not gut feelings.

We find the data by combining insights from your company with data dozen of newsletters that we have sent over time for different companies.

This means that we can send newsletters with the right messages, at the right times and to the right people.

"A good email list is key to successful email marketing"

- Let us build it for your business.
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Do you want to know more about how your company can work with email marketing?

Email platforms we master

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This is how an email marketing collaboration works with us

1. First meeting

At the initial meeting, we clarify your needs and talk about your target group.

2. Working plan

With that in place, we prepare a plan for your emails and review it with you.

3. We work

With the work plane in place, we will prepare your email for the campaign.

4. Feedback

You are the experts in your business – not us. You give continuous feedback, and we make adjustments.

5. Setup

Now your emails are addressed and we set them up in your preferred marketing software.

We create newsletters based on data.

Email marketing and marketing automation is one of the most personal, effective and direct channels you can use if you want to engage with your customers.

By adapting your content, it is targeted to exactly the customers you want. This makes it easier to get qualified leads, follow the customer journey and optimize your sales.

Let us take care of your email marketing-setup for your company.

We have soem of the best email marketers and graphic desginers on our team in Scandinavia. And they help many business in Qatar with their email marketing setup.


When we help you with your newsletters, we put together a small team for you. The team consists of an Email specialist, a copywriter and a graphic designer.

Email Marekting services at Chopar Digital

Email platform Marketing setup

Newsletter creation

Abandoned cart emails

Welcome email series setup

Newsletter sign-up

Custom email workflow

Email platform marketing setup

Cross-selling and upselling workflow

Ongoing email Optimization

Email subscriber list growth

Email audit

Email database growth

Email segmentation

Email A/B split testing

Why choose us?

We tailor a collaboration so that it suits exactly your business. We take your business seriously, and it is important to us to target your email marketing so that you get the benefits you strive for. 

We are honest in our approach to a collaboration.

Based on several thousand emails sent, we have an eye for development and we are ready to help. We are with you all the way – from start to finish!

We are a marketing agency that focuses on trust, honesty and not least our many customers. It is deeply in our DNA to provide a service that is out of the ordinary.